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About Us!

For the Love of Grey will be a Barn Quilt Trail composed of a series of trails wandering around the beautiful countryside of Grey County to celebrate agriculture in the area. The Quilt Blocks along the trail tell stories of local history, tourism, agriculture, family traditions and heritage. The Trail thus far has started around Rocklyn in northern Grey Highlands, but is expanding to the remainder of the county. We are looking for hosts for the Barn Quilt trail that have barns, implement sheds, other building types, or gardens/fields for a Barn Quilt to be put on posts. These buildings (or posts) must be visible from the road and maintained for 5 years. This initiative has been put together by a small group of women from the Rocklyn Agricultural Society, with the original idea to help celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Fall Fair in 2017. Also in 2017 is the 150th Anniversary of Confederation, which was yet another thing to celebrate! And finally, to highlight our beautiful farms and landscape to tourists that already come up to this area. They may pay more attention to the artistry not only of the eye-catching quilt blocks but also of the country charm. 

We have three Committee Members who have officially become #barnquiltaddicts! Lorraine Irwin is our Committee Chair, she owns two barn quilts and counting. She and her husband Paul grow organic garlic on their farm at Temple Hill corner. Lorraine also makes products from their farms garlic. She is the one who spearheaded this committee and got the rest of us involved. Hiliary Breadner is our Graphic Designer & Project Manager, she is the one you get to work with to find the perfect pattern, design and colours for your very own Barn Quilt. On the average day she is a Farmer and Graphic Designer/Sign Maker born and raised in the Rocklyn Area. And last, but certainly not least is Kimberley Lewis, she owns her own Wedding Decorating and Flower Business and Markdale Flowers, as well as being an avid volunteer. Her and her husband Jamie have three girls who are all very involved with the Rocklyn Community. 

We always are looking for new volunteers and helpers. Our plan to expand is something that will require a bit of help! If you are looking to get involved please contact us. 

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