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Farmer's Pantry Apples

Host: Farmer's Pantry
Location: 788030 Grey Rd 13, Clarksburg Ontario
From the previous owner of Farmer's Pantry:
"As a quilter I loved to play with and discover the amazing display of colours that Mother Nature has given us.  I had made a traditional/fabric quilt with an apple pattern (since we are apple growers, and love apples) so when I heard about “For the Love of Grey Barn Quilt Trail” I was so excited to share the same quilt with all of our visitors to our u-pick apple orchard the “Farmers Pantry”!!!!! I showed them the pattern and they did such a beautiful job!!! Its truly a beautiful barn quilt and so perfect for our location in an apple orchard."
From current owner Sarah Hewgill:
"We took over the Farmers Pantry last year!!! My family has been growing apples for 3 generations.  My grandfather bought his  first apple orchard in the beautiful Beaver Valley in 1981.  My Dad worked with him in the orchard and they gradually grew the business.  My brother eventually also joined the family business  and now my Dad and brother run it together.  In 1991 they switched to growing apples organically and now all of our orchards are organic.  When the Farmers Pantry became available we knew it was a good fit.  I run the Farmers Pantry, and they grow all the apples. The barn quilt that is at the Farmers Pantry is just perfect for an apple orchard and for a family who grows and loves apples.  It was created by the previous owners from a beautiful fabric quilt that she handmade herself.  It shows the beautiful colours of fall when the orchard is just full of apples!!"
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