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Grand Adventure

Owned by : Hiliary Breadner
Sponsored by: Breadner Family Farms
Located: 076438 11th Line, Markdale Ontario
This colourful 32 point compass spoke to me as soon as I saw it. Being a Graphic Designer I love colour, pattern and design and the idea of a compass intrigued me. My family has been farming my parent's farm for many years, I am the 7th generation to help farm that piece of land. I have always had a sense that I need to uphold my family tradition and continue to farm in one way or another, preferrably on the land that my family settled after coming over from Ireland. I believe that the lessons and traditions engrained in me from my parents and grandparents passion for life and farming have been guiding me, like a compass to the future. Both Life and Farming have come to be quite the adventure, full of challenges to overcome, and problems to fix. On the other hand though both are also full of love, laughter and cherished memories that will forever be remembered. Cheers to the grand adventure!
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