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Grandmother's Garden

Owned by:  Gerald and Sandy Eagles
Sponsored by:  Eagles Weed Control & Lawn Service
Located:  828119 Grey Road 40, Clarksburg ON


I picked the Grandmother's Garden quilt in memory and to honour by maternal grandmother Sarah (Sadie) Green from Heathcote.  I remember as a young girl she had a quilt frame set up in her dining room and grandma and the ladies institute would quilt while we were under foot.  She passed away in 1970 and I never had the privilege to quilt anything with her as I took up quilting many years later.  I am working on a English paper piecing quilt and will put it together as Grandmother's Garden lay out.  I enjoy passing on my love of quilting to my granddaughter Olivia, and waiting for my other granddaughter Lauren to get a little older before I start with her.
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