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Jane's Mittens

Owned by : Jane Docherty & Terry Bracken
Located: 103655 Grey Road 18, Owen Sound ON
A few years ago, I started noticing a couple  of beautifully coloured patterned ‘posters’ on barns in Grey County. They were stunning! I discovered my friend Lorraine Irwin was part of a team that was creating these amazing works of art.  (Well that was a sign we should have one at our farm, right!) Fellow team member, Hiliary Breadner, posted an online picture on their Barn Quilt page, of a pair of red mittens and I knew instantly that was what I wanted.
Red mittens just make you smile! They make you think about Canada, warm hands in the snow, children outside playing, and the list goes on.
I told Hiliary I wanted the mittens, but wanted to make it personal as well.
Two big mittens in the middle, one representing my husband Terry Bracken,  and the other would be me, Jane Docherty. I asked Hiliary about having a smaller mitten in each corner, one for each of our children, starting with eldest Tyler, then Sandy,Tia,and Ted. BUT, when you become grandparents, you have to include them right? Currently Sandy, Tia, and Ted’s children are represented by smaller mittens beside their parents. (With room for more!)
Hiliary was brilliantly amazing at creating this unique barn quilt story of our family and tons of thanks to the team Kimberley Lewis, Lorraine Irwin for all their incredible work. Ladies, you make me smile, every time I go home!
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