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Frog's Hollow Flowers

Owned by : Amy Cann & Murray Fife
Located: 066199 Frog's Hollow Sideroad, Meaford, ON
This lovely flower quilt block was inspired by my grandmother, Doris’, love of all things floral – be it in the garden, in her décor, and of course, as her favourite quilt motif. The colourful quilt block can be found on Frog’s Hollow Side Road just north of the hamlet of Griersville. In 1946, Doris and husband Reg Cann purchased the 85 acre plot with its two-storey house and wood bank barn, both of which were constructed circa 1880. Together, the couple ran a mixed farming operation and raised five children there. Reg and Doris’ son Larry would continue the family farming tradition. He purchased the Cann home farm in 1992. Over her lifetime, Doris hand stitched dozens of quilts, most of which were flower patterns, and all were made with love and meticulous care. Into her 80s, Larry would stop in and help adjust Doris’ large homemade frame so she could continue to quilt to her heart’s content.
The Cann Family barn quilt can be found on a new steel drive shed, which was erected on the home property in 2014. The drive shed replaced another one of the family’s historic bank barns, which was
located on a separate property on Frog’s Hollow, and which was lost to fire in 2013. The location of the barn quilt was chosen to mark this loss, and to symbolize farm-life resiliency. Quilts and the act of quilting have a rich tradition in Grey County and beyond. They are a symbol of freedom, comfort and female community. By displaying our barn quilt we wish to honour Doris and the women like her that
built this history and iconography – one block at a time.
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