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Why you should Sponsor your own Barn Quilt

It may not seem like there is much of a benefit to sponsoring your own barn quilt but we are here to tell you otherwise! If your wondering about what the difference is between just Hosting a Barn Quilt or Sponsoring your own it will all become quite clear after this article.

Hosting a Barn Quilt

If you would just like to Host a Barn Quilt with minimal cost to you it is currently $500. This gets you a sealed 8' Barn Quilt with a frame for you to hang it with, your quilt will also be added to our website, online map, print material, and social media. Your name will be on the "host line" of your barn quilt in all outlets. Our Graphic Designer will help you make all your barn quilt dreams come true by helping you design a quilt to tell your story. The other option though is very beneficial to those who have a business that they would like to showcase...

Sponsoring your own Barn Quilt

So what is the big deal you might ask? Why would I spend an additional $300 to get a barn quilt? Im here to tell you why!

When you decide to sponsor your own Barn Quilt you get all the benefits of being a Host with the added bonus of the Sponsor benefits. These are things like being featured on our sponsor page of our website ( Also on our website your business would be featured on your Barn Quilt's page with links to any of your websites or social outlets (like the page example below). You will also have your business recognized on our google map, social media, in print and also on the Ontario Barn Quilt Trail. Finally your business card or ad with your Barn Quilt on our website and google map. This is great advertising to potential customers that you might not normally hit! Our website and map are going to be maintained for a 5 year minimum so you will have continuous advertising.

We hope you consider to make the additional investment in your barn quilt and your business by sponsoring your own barn quilt!

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