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We are trying something NEW!

In February we will be launching a 3 week 24" Barn Quilt Painting Workshop! This is something new for us, a bit of a learning curve so we have decided to start small. There will be 8 SPOTS available for this workshop. We have 4 patterns to choose from that are "Classic" Quilt patterns. They are as follows:

1. The Ohio Star

2. Corn and Beans

3. Old Maid's Puzzle

4. Clay's Choice (The Fan)

Since this is just our first small workshop we are going to host it so that we don't have the additional rental fees of a hall. The location is very close Rocklyn. *Note this event will be held in a barn. It will be clean but please be aware there is no bathroom and to dress accordingly.*

There will be homework in advance, things like picking your 3 colours and coming with your design planned out in colour. You will also be required to bring a few of your own materials on night 1 just to make sure everyone has what they prefer to work with. It isn't anything too crazy, just pencils, possibly an eraser, ruler or straight edge, possibly a 90 degree "square" if you think it would help you. We will supply the rest of the necessary tools and items to complete the barn quilt. It will be 1-2 hours per evening depending on how fast you work and the complexity of your quilt pattern. The Workshop will start each night at 7pm.

Night 1- February 12: We will work on drawing out your designs on the already prepped board. And painting our first colour.

Night 2 - February 19: We will work on painting our second colour, and possibly third depending on time and pattern.

Night 3 - February 26: Third colour will be painted and touch ups will be made.

I will then seal your barn quilt for you so that it can weather the outdoors perfectly. Barn Quilts can then be picked up after finished drying. If there is a "Snow Day" we will just continue on March 4th if necessary.

Registration will open on Monday January 28th and will be available at a first come first serve basis. $40 deposit required to save your spot. $20 due on the first night. If you would like additional information please message us on Facebook or email us at

If this workshop goes over well we will do larger workshops with other themes!

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