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4' Barn Quilt Spotlight - Harrison Star

I had the honour of meeting Mary Harrison at a meeting at the Library in Flesherton about a 150 celebration in 2017. Mary had then approached us about making a 4' quilt for the end of her garden shed at her home in Priceville. We have had the pleasure of keeping in contact with Mary several times over the last few years and recently she took part in our very first 24" Workshop with her friends. I think she has officially caught the "Barn Quilt Addiction" and has expressed to me that she will be attempting to make other barn quilts on her own. We wish her all the best with her painting! Check out the story behind this beauty below!

Like most who have a barn quilt there is a story behind their quilt. With ours, I have always loved seeing them and after going on the "For the Love of Grey Barn Quilt" trail with Lorraine and then hearing Hiliary and Lorraine speak at the library in Flesherton, we decided to have one made. What better way to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Confederation than to celebrate by having a barn quilt placed on our property in Priceville.

Looking for a design, we found the perfect design and picked the colours! Our garden shed was the perfect place to display the quilt, behind our historical 1870's home in Priceville, where I grew up and we retired to. Doug's Mom was a wonderful quilter and we have quilts that she made and my Mom took part in the quilting bees in Priceville. I guess both Doug and I grew up with quilts in our homes. Nothing like a handmade quilt!

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