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Colourful, Beautiful & Creative

For the Love of Grey Barn Quilt Trail has a committee of women who love all things colourful, beautiful and creative. The beauty of Barn Quilts are they allows us to express our creativity, tell stories with the use of colours and pattern, and always turn out beautifully! If you were wondering what our goals are or what we strive for it is very much to spread these three things around the county of Grey. We want to use Barn Quilts to tell the stories of the farms, families, ancestors, hamlets or even just of the current person(s) who reside there. We want to tell the stories that have since been long forgotten by sharing this rural folk art with those passing by. Barn Quilts can also go practically anywhere which means anyone can have a Barn Quilt! Contact our committee for us to help you make something Colourful, Beautiful and Creative today!

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