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Barn Quilt Spotlight - Hillbrook's Star

This short but sweet story from Cam Hill to go along with his story is rich in meaning. I was able to design Cam's farm logo through my graphic design business and then we were able to incorporate it into the middle of his Barn Quilt. It was slightly challenging to be sure that it was going to line up properly across the two boards and on a diamond on top of it all. But we managed to get it done, and it turned out fabulously. You can take in this gem just outside Meaford on Grey Rd 12 near the Big Head River.

When I was approached about getting my own barn quilt I was intrigued. I wanted a quilt to represent my childhood passion, which was John Deere Tractors. And my current passion which are Black Angus Cattle. While working with the designer, we came up with this star design that encompassed all of the colour and meanings I wanted represented. I feel this quilt represents both passions with the unique mosaic of colours it is made with. Green and Yellow (John Deere Tractors and farming), Black (Black Angus Cattle), and of course my farm's logo in the centre of the star.

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