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Barn Quilt Spotlight - North Star - A Settler's Guide

This was an interesting project, we are so happy to have the South Grey Museum apart of our trial, but it was one of the first times we had to work with a whole board of directors to make the decisions on design and the story. They all had very good ideas to bring to the table and it was fun to try and bring different options to the group. This was the second public building we were able to put a Barn Quilt on in Grey Highlands and we are very excited to have the support from the municipality. Check out the story below!

Part of the For the Love of Grey Barn Quilt Tour, this design is based on the North Star quilt pattern. The star marks the geographic North Pole and was used by travellers to guide their path. It was significant to the Underground Railway, which drew people following the North Star to freedom. Early Black settlers who predated local survey and the

Scots and Irish pioneers who came after them to this area would have used the star to trek into the thick bush. Families gained freedom and free land here. They cleared the land and put it under crop to earn their land grant and the opportunity to buy the adjacent 50 acres. Thus by following the North Star their efforts rippled out to create the farms

of today. The quilt colours represent dark green forest, light green cleared land and yellow wheat crops.

This quilt is sponsored by the Municipality of Grey Highlands.

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