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Thank you to our sponsors!

For the Love of Grey Barn Quilt Trail is a non-profit group who have come together to volunteer their time to beautify the county. Since we are not doing this to make a buck and just trying to make a barn quilt dreams come true we needed some support from businesses. We would like to thank them and show them our gratitude as we would have never made it this far without their support!

One of the first to jump on board with us was Dulux Canada, we approached the Owen Sound Dulux store and they applied us for the Colourful Communities program. The program helps non profit organizations with PPG products to beautify the world! Since November of 2015 they have donated over 75 gallons of paint to our cause! We certainly wouldn't of made it this far without their generosity.

Knight's Home Hardware in Meaford have helped us in part with the cost of lumber. We use the lumber to make the frames to hang the Barn Quilts. Hatten's Home Hardware in Chatsworth has helped us out with the ever rising cost of the MDO plywood that we use to make the face of the Barn Quilts. Their support makes it a little bit easier to keep making barn quilts. Scott's Industrial Supply have helped us with the hardware that we use to make the frames. You can visit them in the Springmount Industrial park.

Those who have sponsored their own barn quilts are also a great help at making this project a successful one. Here are a list of the Barn Quilt Sponsors and which barn quilt they are associated with. If you check out the page of the barn quilt they are associated with on our website you can find out more about the sponsor!

• Breadner Family Farms​ - Grand Adventure

• Breadner Agrominerals - Breadner's Log Cabin

• Boars Rock Farm - United & the Bird

• Kimberley's Country Flowers & Wedding Decor & Jamie Lewis Trucking - Double Wedding Ring Baltic Star

• Tovinler Farms - Campbell's Celtic Knot

• Rocklyn Community Groups - Rocklyn Community Quilt

• Grey Highlands - South Grey Museum

• Hillbrook Cattle Company - Coming Soon

Thanks once again to all of those who sponsor For the Love of Grey Barn Quilt Trail, this project is thriving thanks to your continued support!

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