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Barn Quilt Spotlight - Double Wedding Ring for May Boyd

This beauty is very special to Shirley Ann and her family, the barn quilt is hung on their red goat barn just south of Goring. Shirley Ann and family are avid participants in the Rocklyn community, apart of the Rocklyn Agricultural Society, Centre Grey Lions and also she is a leader for the Rocklyn 4-H Goat Club and the kids are devoted 4-H members to multiple clubs in the area. The community wouldn't be quite the same without them as a part of it. Check out the story below...

This romantic quilt is in memory of May Boyd – An Inspirational Woman. It is proudly displayed on the family farm of Gregory Osburn & Shirley Ann, Hannah & Travis Fulford. May Boyd dedicated 60 years to the Rocklyn Agricultural Society. May had a passion for creating beautiful quilts. May donated many hours to quilting and ticket selling of quilts that were used as a major fund-raiser for the Rocklyn Ag Society. The “Double Wedding Ring” symbolizes the circle of love and the connection between May’s family, friends, and the love and passion that she put into everything she did. May Boyd will always be remembered.

Thank you for honouring May's memory in such a beautiful way for everyone to enjoy.

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