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Barn Quilt Spotlight - The Bird

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

The Bird is a one of a kind piece designed by myself (Hiliary Breadner, Graphic Designer & Project Manager) for our one and only Lorraine. Lorraine is our Committee Chair and was the one who had the brain child of starting a Barn Quilt Trail in Grey County. Her and her husband Paul, their two children, three dogs and 5 cats live at the corner of Temple Hill on Boars Rock Farm. On their farm they grow organic garlic and Lorraine makes garlic products from their bounty. Her business is called Pure Music Garlic Products and she makes everything from black garlic to garlic powder and much more. Lorraine is a bubbly personality that you can see out and about when we are out at events promoting the Barn Quilt Trail. The Bird is the first barn quilt that we "cheated" and used the projector to draw it out. We did this because it was a one of a kind piece and wanted to make sure we got it just right. This barn quilt can be viewed on the south side of their barn on Sideroad 22B on the way to Rocklyn. Check out the story behind this beauty and the special meaning that it has to Lorraine.

I grew up on a chicken farm and simply the Baird Rock chicken was my mother's favorite breed of poultry. She always had a rooster follow her and called it salt and pepper, she loved that bird. Now years later Paul and I have layers and only the Baird Rock we will ever have as I love them too. I miss my mom and know she would be proud that I remember her I honour her memory this way.

This quilt is sponsored by Pure Music Garlic Products. If you are in the market for premium garlic products check out their website and their online store!

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