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Barn Quilt Spotlight - Tulloch's Tartan Star

Brian and Angela Tulloch live on the Townline between Meaford and Grey Highlands. There they have raised four children and passed on the tradition of the family farm. The Tulloch family have been farming in the Rocklyn area for many years, raising beef cattle and cash cropping. Both Angela and Brian are avid community participants as well, they are apart of the Rocklyn Agricultural Society. Also they have continued the tradition that Brian's mother had started many years ago called the Rocklyn Country Theatre. Brian has been an actor I think in every play, doing a wonderful job I might add. And Angela has always been hard at work behind the scenes organizing the cast, doing make up, costumes and now directs. When Angela had first contacted me about her barn quilt and said that she wanted to incorporate the Tulloch Family Tartan, I thought there was no way we could make it happen. There were so many stitches in the tartan the way that was woven together. So to make it a possibility without loosing my marbles we opted to make straight lines of plaid in the tartan rather than all the stitching. That way it would have cleaner lines, would be easier to do and would be more visible from the road. Even though this one was a bit of a challenge it turned out beautifully! I wouldn't have it any other way! Check out the story behind the quilt below.

Thomas Tulloch immigrated from Scotland when he was 17. He found his way to Grey County and married Muriel McNalty. They had 2 children, Ronald and Ruth. Ronald married Barbara Rennie and they had 3 children, Sharon, Debbie and Brian. Brian carried on the Tulloch name and when he married Angela McInnis they had 4 children. Three sons Alexander, Spencer and Cameron and one daughter Dana. The 8 point star is divided into four sections. Each section represents a generation of Tullochs in Canada, better yet in Grey County! The plaid used in our quilt is the Tulloch tartan from Scotland.

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