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Barn Quilt Spotlight - Caledonia Cow

This applique design was

Meet “Wiley”, representing our barn filled with happy dairy cows owned by the family of Brian and Jon Wiley. We have recently restored the barn. The “bones “of it are original and it’s basic structure remains the same. It originally was situated on what was called The Meaford Tank Range, now the Canadian Forces Base Training Centre. It was dismantled sometime after 1942 when the Canadian Government took over the land. It was reassembled here in the late 1940’s.

This community was first populated by people who came from in and around Keady in Northern Ireland. William John Boyd, the first owner of this farm, came in the mid to late 1800s and was the first owner of this land, and probably was the builder of this house. He sold the land just west of here upon which the present Temple Hill Church was built in 1887. He is buried across from the church in the Temple Hill Cemetery. ​

This heritage is honoured by Irish Shamrocks in 2 of the corners of our barn quilt. Our family heritage is from Scotland, hence the Scottish Thistles in the other 2 corners and the name Caledonia Farm.

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