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Barn Quilt Spotlight - Bell's Oak Tree

John and LeeAnne Bell live in a gravel road outside of Durham. They are the first Barn Quilt to be put up in this area. Their quilt is one of a kind, not only is the design symbolic and meaningful to them, but it was also mostly painted "free-hand". This makes the Oak Tree most definitely a work of art! The story is short and sweet but there is so much love and family values behind this quilt. We hope you enjoy!

John purchased the Farm from a neighbour in 1979. John and LeeAnne where married in Dec of 1984 and in the spring of 1985, the large Pine tree by the house was struck by lightning and replaced by the current oak as pictured. Although Oak is not a native species to Grey County, we planted it because of its deep roots. In 2017 the Bell's renovated their living room and took the old boards off the barn to use in the renovation. The barn was built in 1882. John and LeeAnne are both proud of their Grey County heritage.

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