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Barn Quilt Spotlight - Double Wedding Ring Baltic Star

This is one of our committee members quilts, Kimberley Lewis is a passionate volunteer in our local community. She is a business owner, mother, wife and so much more, but we appreciate her for being apart of our Barn Quilt Trail committee. When we were choosing our quilt patterns for he first "phase" of the trail we all spent some time trying to pick the most beautiful patterns we could find. Kimberley came to me with this design and I was immediately intrigued, I'm up for a challenge usually when it comes to these things. It took us a hot minute to get our heads wrapped around how to make this happen, but we eventually got into the groove of it. Partially joking the one day when we were drawing her quilt out I said something along the lines of "I dare you to cut the corners out of your quilt", since the corners would be white anyways. I just thought it would bring so much more dimension and interest to her design. The next day I came back to the workshop to find her with a jigsaw cutting out the corners! And boy did it make so much difference to this one of a kind beaut! Thank you Kimberley for joining the trail committee right off the hop, for hosting our meetings, and helping with all that you can! Enjoy the story behind this colourful barn quilt!

The Double Wedding Ring Baltic Star is important to us as we celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2016 this is represented by the rings of the Barn Quilt. The star portion of the quilt is linked to the fireworks we celebrate with every year as our anniversary is on Canada day. I dedicated my quilt to my late grandmother, Blanche Caswell, who spent many of hours quilting both at home and helping the Meaford United Church Ladies with their quilting. All 16 grandchildren received a quilt either for a wedding present, or the younger ones received theirs on Christmas. Each of us has a different pattern and treasure these quilts. I am glad that I was able to be taught how to do this fine art by her. A vast array of colour was used in the designing and production of our Barn Quilt. My love of flowers I have made my business into making other bride’s days as special as my own wedding. I am also glad to be a committee member of the For Love of Grey Barn Quilt trail. So feel free to stop in if we are home.

This quilt is sponsored by Kimberley's Country Flowers & Wedding Decor, check them out on facebook!

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