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Barn Quilt Spotlight - Hannah's Family Squares

I had the pleasure of meeting Heather and Wayne on day on my farm on the way out to my barn. I had received an email from Heather previously inquiring about getting a barn quilt for their barn, and I had sent her the Host Application. They happened to be in the area so they thought they would come drop off their application in person. I had a great chat getting to know them a bit more and learning about the pattern they wanted. It may seem like a simple pattern but there is so much love and meaning behind it. It just makes my heart sing! They had wanted to have the quilt up and ready for their daughters wedding that summer and we got it all done in time. Enjoy this simple but striking quilt on Grey Rd 4 between Maxwell and Singhampton.

The farm where the quilt stands was bought in 1917 by John and Hannah Radley they are the grandparents of Wayne Balon.

The farm was then take over by Steve and Anne Balon in 1969 at which time Anne Radley Balon moved home with her husband Steve and Son Wayne, to help look after the farm and her aging mother. Wayne and Heather Balon took over the farm in 2000.

The quilt pattern on the barn was original made into a bed quilt for Anne by her mother Hannah. When Anne’s son was born his grandmother Hannah made Wayne a crib size quilt with the same pattern as she had made his mother so many years ago.

Therefore this quilt has sentimental value to Wayne and his family ( wife Heather, son’s Wayne Stephen, Brandon, Jacob and daughter Nicole (Trott). The original quilt is now on the bed of Wayne and Heather’s granddaughter Scarlet Balon and the crib quilt has been passed to their grandson Cullen Trott.

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