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Barn Quilt Spotlight - The Greb Family Tree

I had the pleasure of meeting Nellie via a phone call one day with more questions about becoming apart of the Barn Quilt trail. It took all of 5 minutes to connect the dots and have the realization that she was actually quite good friends with my Aunt. The world seems so small! She had this fantastic idea of what she wanted to showcase her family story and had a clear vision of what she was looking for. After some revisions we came up with the final product. This tree was hand painted and I drew the Barn Quilt using our projector. It was a pleasure to meet them while delivering their Barn Quilt, and their location is absolutely picturesque.

Our orchard is on the outskirts of Meaford and adjacent to the Bighead River.  We bought the property in 2005 and built our home in 2010.  The orchard has been in operation for almost a century and has changed hands several times.  We owe great thanks to those that owned it before us for letting us share their dream.   This quilt is very symbolic to us.  The 10 apples on the tree represent our immediate family members including ourselves, our two sons, their wives and our four grandchildren.  The four apples in the bucket are in memory of our parents who have passed.  We treasure the friendship of our family and friends, so it seemed appropriate to border the quilt with friendship stars. We welcome you to come and sit at the picnic table to enjoy the view, to rest and to take in the beauty and meaning of our quilt.  John and Nellie Greb

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