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Barn Quilt Spotlight - United

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Lorraine is the Committee head for our Barn Quilt trail, this whole concept was brought to us by her after her seeing a presentation by Mary Simpson at a Flying Farmers Convention. I would say that Lorraine and Paul have become very close friends of mine and it is very special that I was able to come up with a quilt pattern that helps tell their story. From using the colours in Paul's family tartan and having the Scottish Thistle, to adding the "Crown" at the top of the thistle as the flower. This flower was to pay tribute to the previous owners of the land who got the land from the crown and passed down the land in their family until it was sold to the Irwin's. I'm so grateful for these lovely couple's friendship and am always happy to go over and see their Barn Quilts. Boars Rock Farm is Paul and Lorraine's Farm name, on their farm they grow Organic Music Garlic. They sell their garlic bulbs at festivals and to the local community. In recent years Lorraine has started taking their garlic and "playing" with it. She started her own small business making garlic chips, garlic powder, black garlic and much more! Check out their website for more information on their garlic!

Paul and I bought and fell in love with our farm on July 14, 2006. Everyone referred it to the “old Foy farm” and upon research we learned James Foy moved from Ireland and bought a 100 acres from crown land. Paul is of Scottish ancestry and choose the thistle as a common flower between the two families as there are lots on the property. The flower head is in a shape of a crown to represent crown land, and the colours of the quilt are on my husband's kilt. It's truly unique and I thank Hiliary Breadner for drawing the quilt to unite the two different families together.

This quilt is sponsored by Boars Rock Farm, you can find more information on their products and farm at

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